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Love is the artistry of life, and we are the brush that paints its timeless moments of joy and celebration.

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We believe that marriages are a promise of forever, synonymous to “… and they lived happily ever after

Think of wedding and a blissful picture full of rituals, colors, traditions, emotions, music, dance and endless joy floats in minds. For more than three decades, we are turning these thoughts into soulful pictures. Renowned for our photography expertise and inclusion of updated technology, Kala Color Lab is setting more milestones in the photography and cinematography world. We swear on our quality, artistry and creativity. Kala Color Lab is a leading wedding photographer in Jaipur. They are passionate about capturing the moments of weddings and creating beautiful memories to cherish forever.

The team consists of a group of passionate photographers, cinematographers, and designers who put their heart and soul into every project they work on. Kala Color Lab’s deals in wedding photography in Jaipur include pre-wedding shoots, post-wedding shoots, engagement shoots, family photographs, birthday party photography, anniversary shoot, etc.

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We are die-hard, hopeless romantics at heart and, photographers by qualification. We love travelling all across the world to film the most important day of your life. Narrating your wedding story through our lenses is a passion we all share as a team.

What Our Happy Couples Say About Us

Wedding Sagas


We smiled and captured these two beautiful souls unite at a scenic backdrops in Dubai, marking the pinnacle of their remarkable journey. It filled our hearts with joy to have shared in their celebration, as we witnessed a love that transcended all boundaries.


Falling in love can be easy; nurturing that emotion and letting it grow entails work. To their credit, our beautiful couple had it in them to let the seed of affection sprout and germinate into a plant symbolising their union.


An arranged marriage proposal. With Impatient phone calls. And a time was set for their first meeting. She went along nonchalantly to meet a potential match although she had no plans to get married anytime soon. Who knew, that meeting would mark the entry of love into their lives.

The Sound of Love

What began as a whisper resounded into a euphoric crescendo as two strangers basked in the sound of love. As we filmed their wedding in the rustic interiors of Jaipur, we were convinced that we wanted to meld the essence of yesteryear nostalgia into their wedding trailer.

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